All About Me



Sometime in early summer 2016,  I woke up with an enormous impulse to read tarot cards.

It came out of nowhere.

In the weeks preceding this tangible desire, I had experienced what can only be described as energetic currents in my hands. My hands would start moving in a way as to lay out cards. It was almost as though I’d forgotten that this is what I used to do, and all of a sudden was remembering.

As if I’d been in a coma for ten years, had forgotten this ability, and then it came back.

I’d been watching and reading astrology forecasts for maybe a couple of years at this point and in the months before I woke up knowing I had to read Tarot cards, videos had begun to pop up in my You Tube recommended videos list –  of Tarot readings based on astrological signs.

I actively avoided these videos for many months, as I was brought up a Jehovah’s Witness,  and was taught that the Tarot was an Occult (practically Satanic) practice. Yet when I sat down to watch my first Tarot forecast, I understood that this was a part of who I am.

It took another 6 months before I purchased my first Oracle Deck, followed by my first Tarot Deck and I began to read intuitively for myself and family almost immediately.

I read intuitively and psychically – meaning that I am not just reading the meaning of the cards, but I receive messages from spirit/my higher self, which I then use the cards to express. The Cards are a physical manifestation of what I feel.

It felt as though there were specific messages for those around me that I had to impart.

I started this blog as a way to document all of this I suppose, but also because I knew instinctively that this gift I had discovered was a way in which to help others, and that part if not all of my life purpose is about helping and healing others, specifically those that are ready to heal.

It’s been a tough road, this discovery –  and has led to many changes in myself that I am only just beginning to accept.

One of these is that I identify as a Twin Flame, or Divine Feminine. Someone who believes that the love relationships I have had, set me on a spiritual path whereby I woke up to my life purpose.

The difficult relationships of my past, broke down more than just my heart. They broke my spirit which led to a rebirth.

As a poet, the same creativite energy that I have been tapping into since childhood, is what I tap into to make sense of the world and those that live in it, including myself.

I wanted to share this with you, so that you can get to know me even more, but also so that you can get to know yourselves more.

I am not the only one who can do this by any means. I believe we all have the power to tap into our intuition and live life from a clear understanding of why we are here, and what we are meant to do.

It’s given me so much joy and peace this last couple of years to understand this.

I hope this post takes you one step closer to understanding/remembering who you are.

Much love Txx


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