Wednesday Wisdom #53: Entering the Flow Of Life



(To The Sea – Wisdom of the Oracle Deck by Colette Baron Reid)


Today’s Wednesday Wisdom is about entering the flow of life.

About what it really means to allow yourself to go with it.

Life is full of uncertainties, and the anxiety that can be ignited trying to predict how things will happen or work out for you, can be energy zapping in the extreme!

So this week I want us to look at how we can lean-in to anxiety.


How we can accept what it is that we don’t know, and trust ourselves to act when we do know.

The card above is a number 7 card. The number 7 in numerology is about seeking the truth. In the Tarot, the 7s are about confusion, the need to fight or flee and also the need to wait.

These attributes are often all the things that enter our heads when we are faced with uncertainty.


What is the truth in the situation? Do I need to stay here or leave? Am I waiting too long, should I wait?

This week, I feel as though we should ask these questions and then answer them, by not answering them.

Feel the energy of all those questions.


Apply questions to a scenario that is playing out in your own life.

Feel those questions, but do not feel the need to answer them.

This may be deeply uncomfortable, but it is also deeply freeing.

I find that when I acknowledge the uncertainties that I am facing in life, without trying to solve them, a sort of peace descends upon me.


Yeah there may be all kinds of crazy stuff going on, but by acknowledging that and then letting it go, I can trust that the solutions will come to me when they are ready to.


Much love always Txx



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