Listening To The Whispers In The Wind



(My local park)


Autumn is such an atmospheric time of year.


It lends itself to going inwards and connecting to ourselves, to listening to our intuition and truly hearing what it has to tell us.


I talk a lot about meditation on this blog, but meditation is not just about sitting lotus-like on the floor.


Sometimes it is about taking a walk on your own, and listening to what the wind is trying to tell you.


My current job is located in Kensington, London and is very close to Kensington Palace Gardens.


Every lunchtime, I leave my desk and take a wander through the trees, whether it be raining or sunshine.


On the way home, I get off the bus early and take the opportunity to walk home through two local parks.


Even with the slightest breeze the leaves on each tree rustle and communicate what they feel I need to know.



Now, let me make it clear that I don’t actually hear the trees speak – but I do hear what they have to say to me.


Most of the time they give me soothing messages about allowing myself to feel my feelings.


They remind me that I am as connected to the earth as they are.


They let me know that within the spaces between each tree, I can find safety and comfort.


In the same way that I can find safety and comfort between and within each breath I take.


So in this way, every day I heal myself.


Here are some photos of that healing.


Kensington 2

This tree in Kensington gardens, seems to have heart shaped leaves!


Kensington 1

A ray of sunlight captured over one of the ponds in Kensington Gardens.


Local park

A tree with multi-coloured leaves in my local park.

local park 2

My local park – burst of Halloween orange



Much Love Txx

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