Wednesday Wisdom #54 – The Lovers


(The Lovers – Rider Waite Smith Tarot)




For the last few weeks I have been simply listening to my intuition in regards to what card I need to read for you.


This week’s energy came through loud and clear.

The Lovers is a Tarot card from the Major Arcana, which talks about love and choice.

A decision that needs to be made.


If looking at purely Love energy, this is a card also of union. Two people coming together on a new path.

Note : there is a mountain between them however.

This is love at a distance, or this is estranged love. There has been separation at play, and trials in the way.

This is not necessarily an easy love or relationship, but it is one where the rewards will be great.


Alternatively perhaps, the separation is now about to unfold.

Maybe this love just cannot be for the time being.

This also pertains to personal circumstances.

Is there a choice you are needing to make that you are feeling stuck on?

Maybe this week will be about forming an alliance, meeting a person or group of people that you feel are good matches.


Maybe you will be letting some people go who are not.

The Lovers come this week as a reminder to bear love in mind however.  Just how is love showing up/not showing up in your life?

How can you make your decisions from a loving place? Not just in regards to others, but also in regards to yourself?


In what way are the decisions you make impacting yourself and others?

Are you feeling bound and restricted, unable to make a decision that will be for your highest good?

This is a pivotal week for taking steps towards the life that you want.  It is asking you who and what do you want to take with you.


Who and what can you take with you.

Overall this is a beautiful energy as it speaks of a feeling that can be transformative in the extreme.

All it requires is that you look around you, and acknowledge the parts of your life that you are struggling with in some way.


When that struggle pertains to another, or within yourself,  listen to what it wants you to know.

On a personal note, I understand the Lovers is showing up here for me, in order to highlight what I really expect and am willing to give in a love partnership.

It is asking me to look at higher forms of love and acceptance, whereby I allow people in my life to be who they are, and realistically accept the limitations in myself and others.


It is only when we are able to see who we are for good and bad, that we will see another in their entirety.

This is about taking yourself or others off of a pedestal, and standing tall as the person you truly are, warts and all.


Knowing that when you come together with another from this place, all future obstacles can be overcome.

Much love Txx



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