Being Humble 





So I have just finished an eight week Tarot course and it was often a frustrating experience for me.


As a reader who started reading the cards somewhat miraculously, and who uses my psychic intuition predominantly, I sometimes found the pace of the class restrictive.


I wanted to get to the deep spiritual meanings inherent in each card, and discuss things I didn’t already feel.

I wanted to really feel as though I was learning things I didn’t already know.


Instead, I learnt the importance of humility.


A lot of people on the course (and off ) have asked me these last eight weeks why I am doing a course in what I already practice.


The answer is because I know I still have much to learn.


Learning is a life long process. and really I am only at the  beginning of my journey with Tarot.


It did take me almost the whole eight weeks however to see the gift in my frustration!



To understand that in attending the course,  I was also attending a life lesson about the importance of seeing yourself as a student.


This ability to not see myself as a ‘know it all’ is what I want to talk to you about today.


There are many places in our life where we may feel like a pro.


This could be in a job, this could be raising a family, this could be in a creative process that comes naturally to you.


If you miss opportunities to learn more about what you think you already know, you will find it hard to move forward.


But you have to have the humility to be open to it.


You need to be able to acknowledge that even if you are a professional in anything, you still do not know it all.


Then open your heart and mind again, and learn some more.



Much love Txx

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