No! To Disrespect



I saw the above image pop up on an Alice Walker Facebook page, on a day that I had been feeling severely disrespected.


I had started writing this post just after the incident happened, but then stopped because I felt too angry.

When I saw the quote above, I was reminded of the validity of my anger, and felt propelled to put my thoughts down.


My thoughts really amount to one thing:

We have got to stop allowing people to disrespect us.


There are people in all of our lives, I am sure, who push boundaries.

There are some that are insulting and aggressive.

There are some that are self-centred, and lack self awareness.


I try not to judge people as none of us are perfect.

But the fact remains that there really are people around us, who are not there for our highest good, in fact they try to undermine us in any way possible.

This was a hard lesson for me to learn, when I first encountered disrespectful people as a child.

It has taken much courage to leave behind those in my life who did not align with my self-respect.

But I will continue to as needed, because lack of respect results in lack of self esteem.


As Sensitive People and Empaths, (more on this soon in another post) as Lightworkers, and all round people who try hard to be good – we must not fear the need to stand up for ourselves.


We are allowed to walk away from friendships that are disrespectful.


We are allowed to say something (respectfully) if you feel the other person is able to hear and receive feedback genuinely. ( Always prioritise your physical and mental safety)


We are allowed to distance ourselves from even family members, if we feel they do not respect us.


The thing to remember in all this, is that by doing any of the steps above, you are learning to respect yourself.


Those that disrespect us are just farther behind on the path of self respect – don’t waste your anger on those that do not know how to control theirs.


*If you are in a situation of extreme disrespect such as an abusive relationship, whether physical or emotional abuse,  please seek help from trusted organisations/friends/family in your area. 

This web resource is a good place to start:



Much love Txx


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