Wednesday Wisdom #55 – Love is in the Air


(The Grail Knight, from Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards, by Colette Baron Reid)


This week, I start the post with the words of one of my favourite Oracle Deck creators, Colette Baron Reid, because quite simply I could not say it better.


This is the message from the book accompanying the card that I picked for today’s Wednesday Wisdom:


The Grail Knight

romance, illusion, seeking the sacred

Romance, and the seeking of that which is sacred—such are the missions of the Grail
Knight. He represents the coming together of all elements to form perfect life
through a union of heaven and earth; or he signifies a romantic union of lover with
lover. In the beginning of all relationships, there’s a time when everything is perfect.
One seeks out the discovery of love in the treasures of the other, all the while
holding up a mirror in which beauty and perfection are reflected. There is both
truth and illusion. When the Grail Knight appears, he lets you know that your own
beauty, perfection, and innermost desires may be reflected in the mirror that is held
up by the love of another. Indeed, love is in the air. Perhaps it’s also a time for you to
fall in love with yourself. If you don’t, you run the risk of attracting the same
affirmation from the outside world. Love attracts love. Be love and you shall find
love. A gentle warning: Light cannot exist without shadow, so don’t be fooled by the
illusion of perfection. Be willing to see the shadow, and ask for honesty. Then you
can never be disappointed. This is a fortunate omen.
This week I have received the above message in a variety of ways.
Most specifically the message that what I admire in another, is actually a part of myself that I have forgotten to admire.
That message comes through again in the above card that I randomly selected.
Though we may think that romance and love begins with another person, it actually begins with how we feel about ourselves.
Are we able to look in the mirror and like what we see?
Are we able to feel confident and happy with our own bodies on a day to day basis?
If we find another to be physically attractive, have we forgotten that we are also physically attractive?
I had an odd experience the other day, where I realised that the reason why I felt so good around a certain person,  was because they reflected back to me how good I have been feeling about myself.
In learning to really love myself this last year or so, I have found that I can tell the difference between someone who genuinely likes me too, or someone that is struggling to like themselves.
It is a very subtle difference.
Though we all may struggle with self esteem and body image from time to time, when someone has made peace with who they are inside and out no matter how they may be feeling on that particular day, they shine with attractiveness.
When you are able to see that attractiveness as a reflection of yourself, you will realise too that romance begins with you.
The illusion aspect of this card is something I have spoken on the blog a lot about too, our shadow sides.
When we can show up exactly as we are and still feel attractive and worthy of love, despite our flaws, that is also true romance.
This week, take a good look at what is being reflected back at you in the faces of those you admire.
Can you accept that beauty and grace is in you too?
Much love Txx


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