Wednesday Wisdom #56 – There Is Always Enough Time.


(Tick Tock, Wisdom of the Oracle Deck, by Colette Baron Reid)


This Wednesday Wisdom post is an insight that came to me during a Meditation session.

At the moment I am taking part in my second 21 Day Meditation Challenge from Deepak Chopra and Oprah.

Found here if you want to also take part.

The theme of this challenge is Making Every Moment Matter, and is largely about the concept of time and how we can improve our relationship to it.

The above card keeps popping into my mind at the moment, so I thought I would use it to share with you the concept that actually despite how we may feel, we all have enough time to do all the things we wish to do.

In a society that glorifies being busy, we often feel as though there are not enough moments in the day for exercise, socialising or even eating healthily.

Yet this card reminds us that yes, actually there are.

However it may mean moving things around and prioritising differently.

It can also be as simple as leaning into each present moment, understanding that the present moment is all we have.




It will mean sacrfice (limiting that one extra episode of your favourite show on Netflix) and discipline.

Beyond all this however, all it requires is the understanding that we have been given the perfect amount of time each one of us needs to fulfil, and complete what we are meant to do in life.


There are no mistakes, whether our lives are long or short, we will accomplish what we are meant to, even if that looks like not much.

Though sometimes we may feel as though we are not sure, or are missing out on what our true purpose in life is, leaning into each present moment teaches us that actually we are doing exactly what we should be doing.


The world holds no mistakes. There is balance evident in nature and an underlying equliaty that governs every aspect of our lives even if on the surface that is incomprehensible.

Time is bigger than all of us.

No one really knows how much time we have, how many times we may have lived, what happens to time when we die, or why our time on earth may be full of poverty and struggle or richness and abundance.


All we can be sure of is that in each moment there is time and space for potential joy, peace and calm.


Much Love Txx

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