A Winter Retreat



So around this time last year, I was researching retreat centres where I could conduct a solo retreat in time for my birthday.


This year, I understand why the month before my birthday I feel the need to go within even more strongly than at other times.


From the end of October until the end of November, I feel like there is not enough time in the day for me to connect with myself in the way I want to.


It’s a struggle to find time for the hours of meditation I crave, I find myself sleeping deeper each night, and during the day my mind starts to wander off to far off places.


These places are governed by my higher self.  It is where my intuition resides and waits for me to listen to it.


I now know that the month leading up to our birthdays is astrologically a time period where it is natural to feel the need to retreat. This article puts it perfectly.


However, I do not have a retreat booked until the end of the year, and so I am going to try to build a retreat into my everyday life between now and New Year.


Just how do I propose to do this?


Along with my usual Yoga and Meditation Routine, I will also be doing the following:


1.) Doing Less


Those that know me in real life, know that I keep myself very busy. Sometimes too busy.


As a fire sign (Sagittarius)  I have the tendency to go full force, and then burn out rather regularly.


Since becoming seriously ill some years ago, I try very hard to keep myself balanced. Yet I do find myself always having a bit too much to do. (Often fun things)


So these next two months I am on a mission to slow things down.


This means cutting down on out of town weekend trips, and spending more time locally.


For me, this also means at least one day a week where I have nowhere to go, and can stay at home.



2) Less Social Media 


I try and keep social media time to the bare minimum, and during these next couple of months, I will continue to do this.


There is something about scrolling through other people’s lives that creates anxiety and a need for comparison. This results in a slow drain of energy that builds and depletes.


At the moment, I need all my spare energy for self – reflection and so I will be interacting with Social Media even less than normal.


3) More time alone 




As an introvert, I can find being around people sometimes very tiring.


During the next two months I aim to spend more time alone.


This means cinema trips alone, walks in the park alone and shopping trips or sitting in a cafe alone.

I love spending time on my own, and I usually don’t have much time for it, these next few months it will be a priority.




9334605e2db79705969282ef35be97e0.jpg(image from bloglovin)



Winter is a natural time for hibernation. Between now and New Year, in the UK we really begin to step into Winter. 


Are you feeling the need to cut down on outward activity?

Feel free to honour that.

Much love Txx


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