Reflecting on 2017





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So after a recent bout of illness, I’ve been feeling kind of reflective.

How fast has this year gone???!!!

It’s insane to think there’s only about 6 weeks until Christmas and the end of the year.

This year was numerically a ‘1’ year, a time for new beginnings and initiation.

A lot of things should of got started in your life this year.

Seeds have been planted that will spring into full growth over the years to come.

I look back over my year and I see a new important friendship that has begun, a friendship I hope will last a long time.

I see the beginning of long term financial plans and steps towards building future stability.

I see my first poetry collection completed, starting an entirely new creative career route.
I see a massive shift in my spiritual output.

I started studying the Tarot seriously and have started to really develop my lightworking skills.

In short I see a whole new life emerging. A life that will take me forward into middle age and beyond.

When you look back at this year, what seeds have you sown? What have you started?


Much love always Txx

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