Wednesday Wisdom #57 – New Beginnings



(The Fool, Rider Waite Smith Tarot)


So this week, we have one of the most positive cards in the Tarot. (Well I think so anyway)


This is card 0 in the Major Arcana, it is in fact who the entire Deck is about.


The Tarot is sometimes called The Royal Road, but is also sometimes called The Fool’s Journey.


What I find the most amazing thing about a Tarot Deck is that it illustrates life, all the things we go through, all the milestones we reach.


The Major Arcana, chart the really big moments in life, and The Fool represents us as we step forward into something new.


I feel some anxiety in regards to this card today, as I sense that the new beginnings it symbolises, may be things we are not fully ready for, or at least we may feel as though we are not ready for them.


The following picture is of The Fool card in the After Tarot.


tarot-decks-after-tarot-k-1flosex227.jpg(The Fool, After Tarot by Pietro Alligo, Corrine Kenner, Giulia F. Massaglia)


As we can see, sometimes moving forwards to new things can lead us falling, yet the Fool asks us not to be afraid to fall, for we will be caught.


There is a naievity in The Fool that is not to be ignored. He is a fool after all, and sometimes that means bravery, and sometimes that means making needless mistakes.


However the message of this card is that we are ready. We are ready to take that next step, regardless of where it may lead us, the  important thing is that we try.


I pulled the card at random this week, and I was fully expecting The Hanged Man to come out instead:



(The Hanged Man, Rider Waite Smith Tarot)


Becuase that is how I feel. Like I need to wait for a little bit more enlightenement to come my way before I move forwarrd on the various things in my life that I need to move forward on.


 Right now this second I just feel like hiding from everything, even the good things! Especially the good things.


I feel like 2018 is knocking on my door and I’m not ready!


Are any of you feeling like that?


This year has gone extrememely fast to me, and I feel as though I am an entirely different person to who I was last year this time.


As mentioned here and here, I have naturally entered a period of reflection as it comes up to my birthday and the end of the year.


Though I may not feel ready for it, this card says that I am.


Are there new things that are on the verge of happening in your life?


A new relationship? A new job? A new baby?


Did you feel as though these things might never happen for you and then pow! Here they are?


This week we are being urged to take the leap of faith.


Don’t wait for the New Year to step into New Beginnings, the time is now.

Much love Txx


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