My Birthday Tarot Spread!

So today instead of a regular Wednesday Wisdom post, I am going to share with you a whole entire tarot reading that I have laid out for myself in honour of my birthday.

Hopefully there will be some nuggets of wisdom in the reading that will resonate with you and your life too.

The spread (format)  I have used is The Celtic Cross spread and the cards are the Rider Waite Smith deck :



*Disclaimer – I am an intuitive Tarot reader, so although I am now certified in terms of the traditional meanings of the cards, I also use channelled messages in conjunction with the cards, this means I may interpret them differently to the traditional message.


The card in the middle stands for the central issue for me right now, and my birthday year. We have… The Lovers:




It would appear that my 2018 is going to be centred around a significant love relationship. The Lovers signify  a loving union.  Arguably the love card in the Tarot Deck, this suggests that love may well be the focus of the next year for me.

The Lovers is also a card about decisions. There may be a choice ahead for me in regards to who I want to experience my next romantic relationship with. (oh la la!)

The card that crosses The Lovers – as an obstacle or a challenge that I am experiencing in regards to bringing this love into my life, is the Page of Cups:





The Page of Cups is a card about loving communication. However as the Page is young, the love is also young and not yet fully grown. This can suggest a few things. Either there is immature energy around me that could be reckless, or a new love is beginning to bloom, but is in its very early stages. Due to the fact that The Lovers is indicative of a choice, I could have two potential love interests in my energy field. One that is honourable but in its very delicate first stages, and another that is perhaps rash and uncontrolled.


Next we have the card that is in the past, the energy that has taken me to this point which I find myself now,  and we have the King of Pentacles:





This card I feel, relates to the stability I am trying to create in my life at the moment. I am looking to build a stable future, and am trying to emulate the qualities of the King of Pentacles as an energy that is stable and abundant.

The next card representing the immediate future is the King of Cups:





This points to the love that I am feeling ready to receive in my life. The energy has upgraded from the Page of Cups to the King, indicating a general readiness for love.


However, since the central card is The Lovers, The King of Pentacles and The King of Cups could represent two different love interests hanging about in my sphere (!)


One would be very practical and focused on offering financial stability, the other would be emotionally secure and open to offering emotional stability, but perhaps harbouring insecurities, and exhibiting a lack of confidence.


In fact these two Kings could represent different aspects of the same person, in the way that they represent also different aspects of me. This person could also be focused on creating stability in their lives, therefore also making them ready for love.


(Kings when seen as an actual person often show up as a person in a more mature stage of life 40s upwards)


We then move on to the above and below cards, these cards denote what is going on in my subconscious, versus what is actually going on in reality.


The below card is the Page of Pentacles:





Another young energy and offering, this time of a tangible new beginning. What I perhaps am unable to see at this time is that I am being offered a new stable beginning from someone already, but it is in its very early stages. Perhaps the friendship stage.


In the above card, we have the Seven of Pentacles:




Here a man looking at all the work he has done, a bit dismayed as there is still so much to do!


This is how I am feeling right now. I am in a period of time where I have worked hard to carve out a life representative of me, and yet I am very aware of how far I have to go, all the goals I have to reach, as well as all the things that have not worked out!


This card denotes failure of some kind, with the knowledge that things may just take a little longer than originally planned. It calls for a little bit more patience.


So in regards to what is going on in my subconscious mind I am perhaps feeling like I have failed in some regard, unable to see that a new beginning is on the horizon.


(I definitely feel this way at the moment! I am in a very reflective mood as the year draws to a close and that energy of feeling like something new is happening, is accompanied with the memories of all that I have lost. It’s a transitional sometimes difficult place to reside in.)



Like a butterfly that hatches from a cocoon though, or a snake that sheds its skin, it really is the precursor to great things happening.



Moving along to the cards on the right hand side of the spread we have the Ten of Pentacles as an advice card. Again this is advising of the need to build a solid and stable financial foundation for myself, something that is very much on my mind:




In my environment we have the Two of Pentacles, warning of the need to remain balanced, in terms of love, work, family, hobbies and friends – all of the things that need my time and attention:





In the hopes and fears section we have The Sun card – the most positive card in the whole Tarot:




When The Sun appears, it is like a blessing over the whole entire reading, in this case over my whole entire year. (Yay!) Reminding me that what challenges I face will be overcome and lead to my highest good.


The outcome of the reading is yet another King card, the King of Wands:




The King of Wands represents a Leo man, but is also representative of all astrological fire signs in general. (Sagittarius, Aries and Leo)


The King of Wands  is very passionate indeed as he represents double fire. (Kings in general represent fire in the Tarot)


He could indicate one or both of the love interests set to grace my year, or he could also represent me and my maturation. (My sun sign is Sagittarius)



So overall I am looking at a very passionate and creative year ahead, filled with many opportunities to work hard and make a stable foundation for myself financially as well as with a partner perhaps.

I am struck by the lack of the suit of swords however which suggests that I am going to have to be careful to not act without thought.

There is also a theme of contrasting energy with all the Pages and Kings, denoting a lot of rapid growth.

The fact there are so many Kings in my reading also suggest quite a lot of maturation and strong energies. As I approach my mid 30s, this is exactly how I want to be, but it also points to some possible conflict as strong energies can often clash.


There is a lot of duality in this reading shown by The Lovers and the Two of Pentacles predominantly, but also through the double Pages and the double Kings, with the King of Wands being a double in himself.

This really interests me as it points to the idea that not all may be what it appears to look like on the surface.

There is this idea of manifesting my desires into the open, whilst actually feeling a little like a failure on the inside.

Could this be pointing to the Fear of Success that I mention in this recent post?


However the energy of The Sun points to fire and illumination. All that work that has been going on beneath the surface will pay off.




Wow – what a reading! I am looking forward to reviewing this at the end of next year and seeing what showed up for me.

Thank you as ever for reading and joining me in looking at my energies for my birthday and  year ahead.

Much love always Txx




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