Wednesday Wisdom #58 – Watching Magic Unfold


(Three of Swords – Black Cat Tarot by Lo Scarabeo)


As I was shuffling the cards for this week’s Wednesday Wisdom, the phrase ‘Watching Magic Unfold’ popped into my head.


Numerous cards came out, but none felt quite right until the above card presented itself


The Three of Swords is a card that always speaks to me of healing.  Traditionally it is a card denoting heartbreak, usually pictured with an actual heart, and swords crashing into it.


In the above depiction of the card, we have two cats facing away from each other, and one fleeing the scene as seen by a tail in the left hand corner.


This fleeing cat is symbolic of a third party.


You see the Three of Swords is also a card that can speak of affairs in a relationship, the interference of another person.


However this ‘other person’ does not necessarily have to be physically present.


Sometimes our past relationships* have hurt us so much that the ghost of that person, and the pain that they have caused follows us into our present relationship.


* I don’t only mean romantic past relationships, this can include the relationships we had with parents, or siblings or friends. 


Sometimes our own regrets about what we have done, weighs heavy on our minds and souls.


This can stop us from getting into new relationships, and cause discord in relationships that already exist.


Yet I said earlier that this card is always about healing for me.

I think this is because only once you have experienced deep heartache can you really begin to open your heart for real.


Only once you have loved and lost can you really understand what love means.


Only when you have been in that deep will you learn to navigate future waters.


So that is why the Three of Swords is a healing energy.


The rain in the picture denotes emotions and tears.


We all know the relief that comes from having a good cry  – this relief is also present in that moment you realise all you have learnt from your heartbreak.


It is at this point where you can then watch the magic unfold, as your heart slowly repairs itself.


This week we are being told to watch the magic unfold around us, as our lives take a turn for the better.


Like the flower on the floor in the card above, there is hope even in the midst of despair.


The Three of Swords is teaching us this week that whatever we have faced in the past can be transformed into something good. 


My Tarot teacher asked us students a few months back:


“What is the lesson in a ‘bad’ tarot card?”


She meant that the most valuable thing that you can take from a card like the Three of Swords is the lesson that the heartache taught you.


This week we entered Mercury retrograde, a time when things or people from the past will likely creep up in your mind or even possibly in your reality.


If you are confronted by something or someone from the past that causes you a lot of pain, sad memories, grief, heartache – this is your chance to find the lesson in what happened.


What did it teach you?


Allow magic to unfold in your life this week by allowing  yourself to heal.

Much love Txx


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