Blogger Recognition Award


Blogger Regonition Award



First off, thank you so much to Suzanne of Goddessing from the Heart for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award!

Suzanne has been beautifully consistent in reading, liking and writing comments on my blog. She has provided me with great joy through her support.

Check out her blog for insight and posts encompassing Goddess Spirituality.




Suzanne commented on my blog letting me know the wonderful news on the evening of what had been quite a testing day blog-wise.

 I had received a (kind) email from someone asking if they could unsubscribe from my email list.

 Even though I know it’s no big deal, it actually had made me feel pretty down – sometimes blogging is hard.

Putting yourself out there every time you publish takes a lot of guts and leaves you open to being judged or misunderstood.

I try to help people with the things I write, and occasionally I have to remind myself that I am not here to shove anything down anyone’s throat, or help those who have not asked for it.

Sometimes I make assumptions you see, I assume that just because I want to help that I must be accepted.

We all look for validation in our lives, and healthy validation can be hard to come by.

That is why receiving this nomination on the day I did, felt like a blessing 🙂



What is the Blogger Recognition Award?


The Blogger Recognition Award is a popular award where bloggers can nominate each other and feature each others blogs.

Everyone who receives a nomination is a winner, and the idea is to encourage and support bloggers as well as spreading awareness.

Its a show of appreciation from blogger, to blogger.


The Rules (if you so wish to follow them)

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you

2. Explain what the Award is all about.

3. Briefly describe how, and why you started your blog.

4. Give two pieces of advice about blogging for other bloggers/would be bloggers.

5. Finally nominate approx 10-15 bloggers whose work you admire, and comment on their blogs to let them know that you have nominated them.



Why I started this blog


I started this blog in order to document my spiritual journey, and thereby help others who may be going through a similar experience.

I quickly came to understand, as my spirituality deepened, that a big part of why I am here on earth at this time is to act as a Lightworker –  helping people to raise their vibration, so that collectively we can heal and mend ourselves and our futures.

I started writing the blog as I was completing an MA in Creative Writing and share the occasional poem too!

More about why I started this blog can be found here.




Blogging advice


If blogging is something you feel drawn to, go ahead and do it! You may feel as though no one could possible want to read what you write, but you will find out rather quickly that actually yes they do!

Understand that you will occasionally face rejection or strong opinions about what it is you write about. This is wholly natural and if you can understand that your opinions and intentions are still valid, you will always find a tribe that will support you.


The Blogs that I nominate for the Award:


Tarot by Cecilia – A blog which includes daily Tarot picks all the way to monthly in-depth astrological and tarot reports.


Cauldrons and Cupcakes – A massive source of inspiration to me. I have been following Nicole Cody for a while now, and her generous enormous spirit for helping others is outstanding.


Sarah J Featherstone – A wonderful friend of mine who blogs her artist life.


Baggage reclaim – A blog that I started reading when I was struggling with difficult romantic relationships. Great straight forward advice.


Esteemology – A blog about recovering from Narcissist and abusive relationships, encouraging self love.




As you can see I have only actually nominated 5 blogs – this is because I wanted to select those blogs I am committed to reading, and… ashamedly I don’t have time to explore as many other blogs as I would like to!


This award has definitely helped me to discover more blogs just through browsing all those who have been nominated, and  I vow to read more blogs in 2018!



Thank you as always to all of you here with me.

Much love Txx

One thought on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Thanks for the kind words! You truly deserve the award and I’m glad to hear it provided encouragement to you.

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