Wednesday Wisdom #59 – Choosing Peace


Peace –  Wisdom of the Oracle Deck, by Colette Baron Reid



When I sat down to write this week’s Wednesday Wisdom, I asked for a romantic message for us all – seeing as it is the holidays coming up 🙂


The card that came out was Peace

I am drawn to so many things on this card that it is hard to pinpoint which energy is the primary one.


I am drawn to the olive branch that the bird is carrying –  I believe that some of us will be receiving apologies this season from those that may have hurt us in the past.


If the apology does not manifest into the physical –  rest assured that someone close to you is feeling regret over how they have treated you.


I also feel as though some of us have not been feeling so peaceful as of late.


We may have been fretting over current or past problems, and this card is a call to put a stop to this rumination energy.


This card is also a reminder to find peace in your present circumstances whatever they may be.


You may be feeling grateful that you have someone in your life that brings you a measure of peace you have not felt in a long time.


You may be feeling grateful that for the first time in many years, you will be facing the holiday season without all the worries you have faced past ones with.


You may be looking back on the year and enjoying the fact that you feel at peace right now, right here.


I know that this is the most peaceful I have felt in my life, perhaps ever.


It is a strange kind of peace. One that could veer into slight boredom if I was not so very grateful for it.


You see, sometimes we can create drama in our lives out of a deep seated fear of peace.


To be peaceful can be a threatening spot to find yourself in if you are not ready for it.


Resist the temptation to stir things up this week.


Sit in this moment of peace and enjoy it.


More specifically I have a message for those of you who may be feeling bored in a romantic relationship that you are in, or coming in to.


Perhaps this person does not bring out the deep emotions you may have felt for others.


This week, I want you to find the blessing in that.


Much love Txx


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