Water Signs in Astrology and Tarot – A (Very) Quick Guide



(image from Astrology.com – All images of Tarot Cards from Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck)


So as it was very recently my birthday, I thought it would be a nice idea to do a little blog series on Astrological signs.

Now, I am NOT an Astrologer, but I have been following Astrology for a number of years now, even before I started reading Tarot.

Many people think Astrology (And Tarot) is a load of old nonsense, if you are one of those people this post may not be for you.

However if you are interested in how we can use our Sun Sign in a fun way to gain a little insight into who we are as individuals…read on!



*These posts will be focusing on our Sun Sign, the sign that corresponds to where The Sun was positioned at the time of our birth.  This is the Sign that most of us will already know, and is what most popular horoscopes are based on. This is the Sign that reflects our outer personalities, the way we show up in the world and are seen by others. 


If you would like to know what your Sun Sign is, or want more in-depth Astrological information, take a look here. 

There are 12 Astrological signs and a mix of them will be sitting in different places in your personal natal chart, depending on where planets were positioned at the time of your birth.

The Astrological signs are grouped into four elements: Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

The group I want to look at in this post are the Water Signs.

The Water Signs consist of:

Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio



Each sign is represented by its own Major Arcana Tarot Card:


the Moon

Pisces – The Moon, a card of illusion, secrets and deception.





Cancer – The Chariot, a card about moving forward in a significant and balanced way.



Scorpio – Death, a card about total and utter transformation



The suit in the Tarot that corresponds to the Water Signs is the Suit of Cups:






Water sign people will often be deeply emotional.


Feeling their feelings is something they will be well accustomed to.


  The nurturers of the zodiac, they are always willing to be there for someone in need.


They are loving and caring people, often very warm and protective.


However emotions can be turbulent for all of us at times, and a water sign can fall into moods that are hard for them to shift.


They can be prone to getting lost in emotion and at times using emotions to manipulate others.


In meditation and mindfulness we are taught that were are not our emotions – for a water sign person this dissociation of emotion from person can be very difficult indeed.

So how can a person with a water sign as their sun sign, keep themselves balanced?



1.) You are not your emotions


Understand that no matter how you may feel at any given point in a day, or week or month, these emotions can and will shift.

Most of us experience a myriad of emotions in a day, this proves that each emotion is temporary –  remind yourself of this if you are feeling sad, or angry or let down.


2.) Ground yourself


Take yourself out of your feelings and into your physical reality often.

This can be by spending time walking in nature, or exercising.

Even talking things through with someone you trust can give you some much needed perspective.


3.) Nurture yourself


Remember that you are the nurturers of the zodiac, but this gift must also be applied to yourself.


In fact, it should start with yourself.

Make it a point to practise active self care every day – this could be a bath, some time for a quiet cup of tea or even a massage once in a while.

Do what makes you feel good regularly.



I hope this helps! Pease feel free to pass it on to anyone you feel it may interest.

Much love always







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