A Note About Tomorrow’s New Moon




(I always joke that the Moon does not like its picture being taken, as when I was in Jamaica in the Spring I could never get a picture of it. The shine was too strong! Thankfully I managed it in Spain in August, which is where this picture was taken. )



So I don’t usually write posts specifically about the moon cycles, but the New Moon occurring tomorrow in Sagittarius is a beautiful one –  poignant for us all.

Astrologically right now, Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius , the Sun is in Sagittarius, and tonight’s New Moon is also in Sagittarius. In addition Saturn has been in Sagittarius for a few years now (due to depart on the 20th), and Venus also entered Sagittarius this month.

So what does all this mean?

As a Sagittarius sun sign myself, I am feeling all kinds of intensity at the moment and so wanted to share with you my feelings regarding this New Moon, as my energy is also your energy, as we are all connected.


Mercury Retrograde is something that happens every 3/4 months. Energetically it is a time to reflect, take things slowly, and can spell a few communication problems.

Sagittarius is a sign ruled by the planet Jupiter and is all about expansion and growth. With Saturn in this sign for the last three years, there has been an air of restriction and hard lessons learnt, as Saturn is the opposite planet to Jupiter.

So tonight sees a culmination of lessons that have been learnt over the course of at least three years and may well relate to love lessons as Venus is also involved.

New Moons are about starting new things, seeds that were planted at the Full Moon, and this New Moon is all about starting an entirely new chapter in life. One where we can say goodbye to the challenges of the past as long as we have learnt the lessons that they came to teach us.

For the majority of us, I feel as though these hard lessons have been learnt.

On a global stage, we have seen things happen in the world that have allowed us to see thing clearly – for good and for bad.

For myself, I have learnt some very tough lessons relating to finances and love, as well as friendship, communication and my ability to manifest what I do, and occasionally what I don’t want in life.

For the last couple of months, this energy of winding things up for the year has been taking over much of my life!

I have needed a lot of alone time for introspection, and have also needed to make a number of changes in my physical world.

Last year at New Year time, I went to Glastonbury and was told by a Shaman, that my whole entire life would need to change in order for me to fulfil my life purpose.

Today I finally understand that he was right.


Now let’s not get overly dramatic about this! 😉


These changes are not necessarily anything particularly obvious.

I have begun to step into  my authenticity a lot more, by way of this blog mostly (Thank you for reading!)

I have said goodbye energetically to romantic and platonic connections that were unhealthy.


I can feel a shift in the type of people I now resonate with.

I can feel a shift in me.


I can feel a readiness for a new era to begin.


I also feel as though I have been in the dark about a lot of things.

Though I am feeling the change coming, and to a certain extent am definitely feeling ready for it… I am not so sure what exactly is coming!


This is pretty unnerving to say the least, and a couple of mornings ago I woke up with some clarity about why this unnerving feeling is so telling.

I feel as though I don’t know what is coming, but the astrological climate at the moment is actually making it pretty obvious as to what is coming next.

What will happen in my life over the coming years will be an exact result of what lessons I have learnt in the previous years and how I have applied these to my life – common sense right?! (Did I need to write such a long philosophical post about it? It’s my Sag nature!)


So now I don’t feel so unnerved, as I realise that I have actively been putting things right in my life.

I have been practising balance.

I have been doing the tough things when tough things have been called for.

As self help gurus love to say:

“You need to do the work”


– Believe me I have done.



Now this does not mean that I am all done by any means, this does not mean that everything from here on out will be perfect.

But what it does mean is that I am on the right path, things will get easier, and I will be able to deal with all future challenges with a grounded and strong approach.

It also means that all those dreams I have been harbouring are about to start coming true.



Are you feeling these New Moon energies?

Much love Txx

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