Wednesday Wisdom #60 – Reciprocal Love


(Two of Cups, The Gilded Tarot Deck by Ciro Marchetti)


So as I was shuffling for this week’s Wednesday Wisdom, I saw the 2 of Cups repeatedly peak out at me, so it was not a surprise that it presented itself as the card for this week.

It is also an energy I am feeling strongly right now, the kind of love that is mutual and oh so supportive.

This can be the love of friends, family or romantic partners. It can even be loving feelings towards co-workers who you feel really support and appreciate you.

It is also the energy of gratefulness. Being grateful for all the wonderful people you already have in your life.

I felt this gratefulness at the weekend. I sat down for dinner with some of my closest friends and family. A group of wonderful women who have supported me in my life for many years, and through recent changes.

These were the people that had really been there for me through every milestone.

These were the group that had never let me down, and it felt amazing to know that I was that person for them too.

This is what the 2 of Cups is about. A reciprocal and mutually beneficial love.

It is not a love that plays games, it is not a love that plays lip service.

This is the kind of love where you give honest and real advice, where you say the hard stuff, where you accept the other person exactly for who they are.

It is a love where each person strives to be the best person they can be, not just in a surface way, but as a soul being.

The light between the two in the picture, is the energy that is sparked between people who share this kind of love.

It is the Third Energy that manifests, an energy that goes beyond two people.

Because when you experience this kind of mutually fulfilling love in your life, it spills over into all other areas and penetrates everyone you come in contact with.

It takes on a persona of its own and lights up your life, and the life of all you encounter.

You can spot the person who is giving and receiving mutual love by the light they carry within, that shines through their eyes, and all around in their aura.

This is the energy that makes you want to be around a person.

So this week, the 2 of cups is asking us to recognise where this energy is showing up for us.

If it is not showing up for us, it is asking us to address what within ourselves is unbalanced.

If you are giving or taking too much, this energy will struggle to come through.

Be honest with yourself this week about what the relationships in your life are showing you.

I hope you see in the mirror of another the kind of love the 2 of cups will give you.

If you don’t, know that this energy can be acquired through real authenticity and humility. Look through this blog for other posts that can help you with this.

Next year I will continue to show you ways in which to find this energy within and without.

Much love always Txx

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