Being A Passenger 




(Image from Artist: Diane Sudyka)



A few months ago I was on the bus, and my mind started to wander.

I saw cars on the road,  and noted how often I see women sitting in the passenger seat.

It reminded me of all the time I’ve spent sat in a car, but not in the driving seat.

It got me thinking.

It feels different to sit in the passenger seat of a Porsche than it does a beat up old car.

But ultimately if you are a passenger you don’t really have a choice as to what car you are sitting in.

Most people will just feel grateful they are in a car in the first place!

Sometimes we go along with what others want simply because we are grateful to have another person in our life.

Sometimes it’s easier to jump on the back of what someone else decides rather than take the responsibility to make our own decisions.

Sometimes we just want the support and guidance of another.

But what if that other is driving a car with tape on the windows, and a faulty engine?

We need to be discerning about who we look to for guidance, support and general company.

As we approach the end of this year, and gatherings with friends and family take centre stage, I want us to be aware of all those we have around us.

Who are you sharing that ‘car’ with?

Are you in control of where you are going in life? Or is there someone else making all the turns on your behalf?

This may seem like an odd message to bring to you all so close to Christmas, but it also seems apt at a time of year when we traditionally spend so much time with others.

As we close out on 2017, lets take the wheel of our lives, and vow to move forward next year as the person in control of ourselves and surrounded with good people.

Much love always Txx



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