A Note About Tomorrow’s New Moon (2)


(Image from SparkAstrology.com)

So in what is becoming a bit of a tradition for me now.  I would like to have a little chat about the New Moon gracing our skies tomorrow (UK time)

(Previous New Moon chat can be found here. )

This New Moon is in Capricorn. An astrological sign represented by the Devil card in Tarot.

It is a sign of earthy groundedness and order,  and happens also to be where Mercury the planet of communication is also residing at the moment.

The Devil card is all about restriction and also earthly pleasures, and I mostly seem to read it as a card of sexual desire and longing, sometimes unhealthy sexual attachments, sometimes not.

So what does this mean for us all at this New Moon-time?

It means stop what you are thinking of doing right now! Just kidding! – Though am I really?

You may be tempted at this New Moon to act on lust.

This does not have to be a bad thing. This New Moon conjuncts Venus the planet of love, and so lights a very stable fire under any kind of love situation you may have going on right now.

However it could lead to acting on impulses that will have more far reaching consequences then you are possibly imagining right now.

What we set in motion at a New Moon is something that will very likely stay with us for at least a moon cycle, so we have got to make sure that whatever we may be chasing now is something we truly want.

If we go so far as to make a declaration of intent to another. We need to be as sure as we can be that this is what we truly want.

This New Moon is certainly lighting a fire under each one of us to get our stuff together. To make decisions, to stop procrastinating.

This is amazing energy to make a change, to see things come through that we have wanted for a while, to be courageous.

All with the knowledge that there is a healthy dose of stability behind it.

Wow, what power!

But…with great power comes great responsibility – use it wisely this little while.


Much love Txx



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