Wednesday Wisdom #61 – The Fool’s Journey



(The Fool – Black Cats Tarot by Maria Kurara)


How great it feels to be writing the very first Wednesday Wisdom of the New Year!

So I shouldn’t be surprised really that whilst shuffling my cards, The Fool card came out 🙂

This card (in many different illustrations) has graced this blog many times. Quite recently in this post a couple of months ago.

It is a card very literally of New Beginnings.

It is the ‘0’ card of the Tarot and denotes the beginning of The Fool’s Journey, the journey of man that is really what the Tarot is all about.

It is doubly synchronistic that yesterday saw a New Moon take place in Capricorn, which I spoke about in a special post yesterday.

So how many more ways can God/Source/The Universe tell us that we are about to start something brand new –  and it will be good?

By me writing this post of course 🙂

What have you started that is new, since this New Year began?

I bet there is a least one thing that you have in the works, or have already begun, that you know is going to take you down a whole different path in life.

Perhaps you changed direction recently, and started walking down a road you never thought you would/could.

The cat in the picture absolutely knows that whatever decision they made is the right one.

They have swagger, they feel confident.

The only warning with this card is to not become complacent.

Continue to work at what you are implementing, even if it feels like it comes super easily to you.

Don’t take anything for granted.

This new path is a blessing.

Though cats are notoriously independant – note the little kitten holding on to the cat’s foot – who are you going to take with you on this path?

Just a little something for you to think about…

Much love always Txx

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