Crystal Focus: Black Obsidian


(Black Obsidian on a Silver chain, I wear it almost everyday)


So as I do more and more psychic and spiritual work, my need for energetic protection, grounding and healing increases.

So too has my knowledge and understanding of Crystals and how they can aid us in deep spiritual work.

Recently I went for an Angelic Reiki session, where many crystals were selected specifically for me.

I was then able to walk around the shop and take my time to pick crystals that I felt drawn to.

I left the shop with:


(Labradorite – on the left, Black Obsidian on a chain at the top right, bottom right – Rose Quartz and Selenite which I have had for a while, new purchases of Turquonite and Rhodonite.)


In this post I want to talk about Black Obsidian specifically as I felt it working almost immediately, and it is a very strong stone indeed.

It is known to help heal past life wounds and bring forth the gift of prophecy of which it did both for me.

After having it near me, or wearing it on me for about a week, I began to notice an influx of negative thoughts that actually felt good!

You know how when you are ill for a while, the first few days afterwards are amazing? Well for me this is how this stone works. It acted by bringing all my resentments towards others and therefore myself out into the open which led for a very uncomfortable but very deep emotional cleansing.

It was only during an intense day that I realised what the stone was doing, I also realised that this stone is one of my birth stones.

So that day in the shop really it picked me! As did two of the other crystals I picked which I have since found out are also my birth stones.

Black obsidian acts like a mirror and simultaneously shows you what it seeks to rid you of.

Some people may find this process a little bit too intense, and I intuitively felt the need to combine this crystal with my Etheric Wand in order to temper the energy a little.

My Etheric Wand is a healing and meditation tool made up of Clear Aqua quartz and copper which I felt would help to cool down the energy of Obsidian and bring the energies routinely up from the root chakra to the heart chakra for balance.

It didn’t take long before my Etheric Wand felt wrong when paired with the Obsidian. It felt as though the Obsidian was sucking the energy out of the clear aqua quartz.

I then decided to pair the Obsidian with a piece of Rose Quartz instead – this time after a few days my Rose Quartz randomly flew off the chain of its own accord!

I took this as a sign that Black Obsidian likes to work alone, for me anyway.

After the initial intensity I now find Black Obsidian to be a deeply calming stone.

Wearing it helps to maintain a healthy level of neutrality when it comes to the energies around me.

I believe that it helped with my healing of past life issues, and issues of the past in my life in general so that I am able to live more in the present each and everyday.

This helps me stay grounded and protects me from the energies of others that my psyche at times finds distracting and threatening.

It also allows my spiritual gifts to come through in a purer and clearer manner.

I have never experienced a crystal in this way before. So much strength and a tangible emotional reaction and spiritual reaction to it.

I look forward to learning even more about all the Crystals I have in my arsenal at the moment and will take you on that journey of knowledge with me.


Much love always Txx


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