Why wearing black is a good idea




It has slowly been dawning on me that when I wear an all black outfit, I feel better and stronger in myself.

I am a person who loves wearing colour as most of my friends will attest to.

I often wear bold colours and clashing patterns.

Lately, I have been gravitating towards all black outfits, and when I purchased a Black Obsidian crystal for psychic protection, the idea slowly began to dawn on me that the colour black may be a form of energetic protection in itself.

 I spoke to a friend of mine about this, about how at his acting school all students wear black.

It seemed to make sense that being a neutral colour (much like white), black would be a good blank base for an actor’s wardrobe.

So after a Google search – I found this article about the energetic properties of colour in clothing, and my suspicion was confirmed.

The article says:

An outfit that is almost completely black or completely white in color makes one invisible to the psychic energy of others. Wear all black or all white when you are carrying a secret or feel that there are specific people who seek to take your energy.

I think most of us are aware of the pure associations of the colour white, but many of us perhaps are not aware of the purity of it’s opposite colour – black.

So I have been embracing and adding to all the black in my wardrobe.

I wear black to work almost everyday now as being in a customer focused role as a Librarian, I need to maintain my energy.

I wear black when I need to get on the tube or other forms of public transport.

I wear black when I will be around large groups of people.

I am also going to start tuning into what colours would be best to wear when I conduct readings for people, or when I want to feel and give out more love.

I will blog about this to keep you all in the loop.

What have been your experiences in terms of the colours you wear?




Much love Txx




5 thoughts on “Why wearing black is a good idea

  1. Growing up as a teenager I wore black for about 5 years solidly, it was a way of embracing all that was hidden and different and a rejection of everything mainstream. People always seem suspicious of those who wear black and embrace the unknown and yet growing up in a punk-goth scene made me realise that the ones wearing black were always more creative and poetic and dreamers thinking of a better, kinder world. Black was definitely a protective force for us, a uniform for the non-conformers.

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