Wednesday Wisdom #63 – Creating a Balanced Life.



(Four of Pentacles – Vice Versa Tarot by Massimiliano Filadoro)


This card in this deck, reminds me very much of the Four of Wands in the Rider Waite Smith Deck.

This is the reverse side of the Four of Pentacles in the Vice Versa Tarot, and we see a man dressed in luscious green looking out at buildings in front of him.

The figure to me represents Merlin, or a similar wonderous magician. Though it also hints to me of The Emperor card which is also a number 4.

4s in the Tarot are numbers that denote stability and foundations, occasionally stagnation and an unwillingness to change.

But in this card the Magician sits looking out at a landscape, with a cloak full of the moon and stars ,and floating pentacles around his head.

It is a reminder that all that you see in front of you, you have created, you have manifested. 

When I read the more traditional Four of Pentacles card, it usually communicates a feeling of holding on, it usually feels like a card of tightness.

This is a card in a position of expansion.

The triangles at the top of the card denote a stability that is mystical, the 3 sided shape denotes sturdiness as well as The Trinity.

The four triangles also are symbols for Fire, Earth, Air and Water – denoting balance.

The two pillars the man sits in front of (a reoccurrence in tarot) depict birth and death, light and dark, the sun and the moon, feminine and masculine  – again the ultimate balance integral to life.

So what does all this mean?

I have talked a lot on this blog, about Saturn moving into Capricorn in December 2017, and how this will mean that the next few years are about building the lives we want.

Numerologically this is a number 11 year, a master number that does not need to be reduced, but also a number that can be reduced to a 2 – partnerships, balance, growth.

Notice also how 11 repeats in the above card – The two pillars, the two sets of two columns in the landscape. This is why it reminds me of the Four of Wands so much where we see the same kind of formation.

There is a completion present in this card. For the moment that it captures, everything is just as it should be, perfectly balanced. 

So right now, this week we have entered a moment in time when we have completed a mini cycle so to speak, and we will begin to see what we have manifested for ourselves on this first leg of our journey.

It is also a time to look honestly at where there might be some imbalance present in your life.

I hope when you look out at your world today, you will see beauty in front of you.

This is just the first juncture, keep moving, keep building, keep going.

Much love Txx

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