Waiting For Spring





Lately I feel as though my posts have been pretty heavy.

That is because I have been going through some heavy stuff, more life changing shifts, more life changing realisations.

So I have been taking more time for myself in order to get used to the new things happening for me, and one Saturday on a walk with my mum, I picked up some Daffodils from the supermarket.

The afternoon I brought them home and placed them in a vase, the buds remained closed.

I then watched as starting from that very first night, each bud opened up pastel and new.

It was a little bit of springtime in my room.

It was a reminder again of the new things happening for me, and those around me.

It was a symbol of hope, this (very) bleak UK winter will come to an end, and we will be refreshed. All of us, another chance.

Today, the 1st of February also marks the day of Imbolc, the day of the Celtic Goddess Brigid –  the first day of Spring.

So I will be using February, the shortest month of the year as a time of waiting for Spring.

I am going to blog randomly when I feel like it (in addition to regular posts) about all the little hints that Spring is on its way.

Join me.

Much love Txx

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