Twin Flames an Update – Faux Flames


(Spiritual UnionThe Psychic Tarot Deck by John Holland)

Like a fake fur coat, a false Twin Flame can look and feel like the real thing.

When I first heard the terms; False Twin or Pre-Twin I thought them ridiculous – the Twin Flame journey had been incredibly turbulent for me, and to think that the person I thought was my Twin may not be – was heartbreaking to contemplate.

I view the Twin Flame Journey as a spiritual status rather than a relationship status so with an open mind I meet this journey I am on, and fully expect it to shift and change as my spiritual understanding deepens.

I only know of this phrase “Twin Flame” because I experienced a relationship that was so mind bending and intense that after a lot of researching to try to understand it, I found a term for what I felt.

Lately it has become apparent that things are revealed to us by Spirit/The Universe, only when we are ready to see/hear it.

As I left that life changing relationship behind, I realised that the plot indeed thickens.

Divine love connections are all around us.

In the form of soul mates and members of our soul tribe, we can experience nurturing and loving relationships on a level that defies words.

The Twin Flame phenomenon as I have said in previous post is a very personal journey, one that I am committed to as a Lightworker.

But what if the relationship I had committed to was not it?

This journey is about more than a romantic relationship.

Once I truly understood that, I find love in every aspect of my life.

Does it matter who my Twin Flame is?

Perhaps not.

Perhaps embracing the mystery of life and spiritual power is all we need to do what we are here to do.

In doing that, we will find the romantic love we need.

Much love Txx

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