The Rise of the Divine Masculine



(The Magician, Rider Waite Smith Tarot – The Ultimate Manifestor)


Not to be confused with the rise of the Masculine, the Divine Masculine is a different thing entirely.

Numerologically, the year 2018 is a Number 11 year. A master number of great spiritual significance.

We can also look at this number as a 2 which denotes partnership and balance.

So in this way 11 is also about the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine coming into balance on this earth –¬† so today’s post is about the Divine Masculine, because who really made up the rule that ladies go first! (Just kidding, I like going first most of the time)

First off, the Divine Masculine is an energy not a gender.

Regardless of gender, we all hold Divine Masculine within us.

I make the distinction of ‘Divine’ rather than just ‘Masculine’ Because what we deem traditional masculine qualities in our society is often a toxic definition of masculinity.

The Divine Masculine is a Yang energy, ruled by the sun, and is a giving and nurturing energy.

In traditional circles in our society, men are seen as providers and protectors.

In a society embracing a new wave of feminism, our culture often feels as though these traditional masculine roles are extinct.

However most men still feel the pressure to be leaders, not just in the work place but within their homes.

Embracing the Divine Masculine within regardless of gender, helps us to understand that providing and protecting is a task that we are all capable of, and one that we should apply to ourselves first.

Recognising the Divine Masculine within each one of us, is about believing in our ability to manifest and make things happen.

It is also about realising that we can only truly start to care for others, when we are truly able to care for ourselves.

We often think that nurturing and emotions are inherently feminine.

I beg to differ, I believe these qualities are inherently Divine.

In a world that is very troubled and ruled by toxic masculinity, we are fortunate that times really are changing.

The Divine Masculine within each one of us really is rising almost in revolt at the toxicity we see.

But we have a long way to go.

How can we help the Divine Masculine rise in each and everyone of us?

Understand that the destiny of our planet and ourselves lies with us.

Believing that we can create what we want in life, means accepting the consequences of what we make.

Are you making something good?

Are you making something worthwhile that will help the people around you, or even those farther a field?

Are you giving and nurturing yourself first, before you attempt to give to another?

These are the kind of questions you can ask yourself, and take action on if you want to honour the Divine Masculine within yourself.

Then look for signs around you of the countless others following the same path to bring balance back into our world.

Next post will be all about the Divine Feminine.

Much love Txx




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