The Divine Feminine


Numerologically, the year 2018 is a Number 11 year. A master number of great spiritual significance.

We can also look at this number as a 2 which denotes partnership and balance.

So in this way 11 is also about the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine coming into balance on this earth – so today’s post is about the Divine Feminine. Check out the Divine Masculine post here.

First off, the Divine Feminine is an energy not a gender.

Regardless of gender, we all hold Divine Feminine within us.

I make the distinction of ‘Divine’ rather than just ‘Feminine’ Because what we deem traditional feminine qualities in our society is often used as a means of reducing this energy, belittling it somehow.

The Divine Feminine is a Yin energy, ruled by the moon, and is a receptive and intuitive energy.

In traditional circles in our society, women are seen as somehow more emotional and caring than our male counterparts.

In a society embracing a new wave of feminism, our culture is beginning to realise that these qualities can also be embraced by men.

However most women still feel the pressure to be submissive, not have too much of an opinion, or be as agreeable as possible.

Embracing the Divine Feminine within regardless of gender, helps us to understand that emotions, receptivity and intuition are the domain of all of us.

Recognising the Divine Feminine within each one of us, is about believing in our ability to understand the lives we have in front of us, and be open to blessings and abundance, that will often come from within us.

It is about expressing ourselves with grace, diplomacy and consideration. Understanding that the ‘other’ is also a part of us.

It is about going inwards to understand that we are perfectly whole already, then loving outwardly from that place of peace.

We often think that being a leader means taking on masculine qualities.

I beg to differ, I believe these qualities are inherently Divine.

In a world that is very troubled and ruled by toxic masculinity, we are fortunate that times really are changing and that the Divine Feminine is beginning to lead from this place of peace.

The Divine Feminine within each one of us has already been rising.

But we have a long way to go.

How can we help the Divine Feminine continue to rise in each and everyone of us?

Understand that the destiny of our planet and ourselves lies within us.

Believing that we can receive the things we want in life, opens us up to allow these things to come to us, without pushing and prodding.

Are we expecting good things?

Are we sharing the things we have with those around us, supporting each other?

Are we listening to our intuition in order to make better choices for how we eat, how we consume and how we look after our planet?

Are we understanding that to lead is not to dominate?

Are we allowing seeds of change to grow with patience?

Because it will take patience to see this earth readdress its balance.

These are the kind of questions you can ask yourself, and take action on if you want to honour the Divine Feminine within yourself.

Then look for signs around you of the countless others following the same path to bring balance back into our world.

Be encouraged that you are not alone, together we rise.

Much love Txx

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