Crystal Focus : Turquonite


So this little piece of rock, is quite possibly my favourite Crystal so far.

Though when I saw it, I instantly thought it looked a little bit like snot (!)

It called out to me.

The first time I held it, the sense of well-being it fostered in me was overwhelming.

As mentioned in this post, after an Angelic Reiki session, I was given the opportunity to pick a variety of Crystals that spoke to me.

The Turquonite pictured above, is one of my birth stones as a Sagittarius, which may account also for why I felt such a pull towards it.

Turquonite is actually Howlite that has been dyed, and so in this way it takes on the properties of both Turquoise and Howlite.

It is a deeply healing and calming stone, that acts as a conduit for wisdom and the deep peace associated with shamans and mystics.

It is a fantastic Crystal to hold whilst meditating, and after giving it to my mum for a while to aid with her sleep, it confirmed to me that it also promotes peaceful rest.

When I hold this crystal, I feel a rush of loving energy that makes everything feel alright in that moment. So when I am feeling unhappy, angry or anxious, I hold it in my hands and close my eyes for while – letting this energy wash over me.

It is known to promote clear communication through the Throat Chakra, and I also associate it with the Heart Chakra due to its green colour. (The fact that Turquonite is a bluey/green colour associates it with both the Heart Chakra – represented by green – and the Throat Chakra – represented by blue).

I honestly cannot recommend this Crystal enough for those looking for something to place under a pillow, or on a work desk, as it also promotes creativity.

It is very inexpensive and pleasant to use.

Thank you for reading! I’ll be talking through more crystals with you in future posts.

Much love Txx

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