Wednesday Wisdom #65 – Children

So last weekend, I spent a lot of time with my siblings and their children, therefore it is no surprise that I felt guided to use Angel cards this week, and that the following card popped out:


(Indigo and Crystal Children, Archangel Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue)

There is something about children that I find simultaneously exhausting and invigorating. Their energy is contagious and yet unsustainable for the majority of adults.

But children are also so vulnerable and ready to look to us, their adults for support and guidance.

We were all children once, and inner child work is some of the most valuable work that we can do as adults to truly help heal the wounds of our past, and live our best lives.

But children are also here to save us.

(If you would like to know more about Indigo and Crystal children, have a look at this article by Doreen Virtue.)

Every one of us, has the potential to be a saviour for another, and in all children we see this gift to bring humour, adaptability and joy to life.

This week, pay attention to the children in your life, are they doing ok? Do they need any extra support? Do you just need to cuddle them and reassure them that everything will be ok?

In the UK this week it is Half-Term week, a week where children are on break from school, and parents will hopefully get to spend more time with them.

Even if you are not a parent but you have nieces and nephews, god-children etc – spend some time with them.

Also nurture the inner child within you with plenty of rest and with time to do the things that give you joy, a bath, a walk, reading a book or drinking a glass of wine.

This week lets honour the children within and outside of us.

It may also be a week where we welcome new children into our families, in this way it is a new start and a fresh new beginning, another hint towards Spring 🙂

Much love Txx

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