Spiritual ‘Pick me ups’ for Spring


Last night I got home from work exhausted.

It has been one of/ if not the coldest weeks of the year this week here in the UK, and it has been challenging.

Coming home in the wind, and the rain, and the cold, and the dark has led for a pretty bleak week.

So as I lay in bed on the night of the New Moon, about to read a fantastic book (which I may review on here soon), I scrolled through the photos on my phone to cheer myself up, and I came across the one at the top of this post.

I must have taken it for another blog post at some point, but it instantly struck me how it was a picture of all the things I use/do to help myself remain spirtually balanced.

Things as simple as lighting a candle. or looking at my little Buddha, calm me down, and create a wonderful sense of well-being.

What things do that for you?

Much love always Txx

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