Five ‘Other’ Reasons You May Be Tired – Plus What To Do About It



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I am tired ALOT.

Despite the fact I have been working part-time now for a number of years, I still manage to fill my time with other work, and find it hard to balance all of this with a social life and family responsibilities – as well as have the time I need to recuperate.

I know that I am not alone in feeling this kind of low-grade tiredness that can feel impossible to shift, and so here is a little post to provide a little insight into how I cope.

*This is in addition to making sure I am physically healthy, and seeking medical attention if not,  taking Vitamin Supplements if needed, eating plenty of nutritious food, and taking regular exercise.


1.What kind of Moon is it?

I have always known myself to be moon-sensitive, and recently paying attention to the Lunar-cycle has become second nature.

I understand that when it is a Full Moon my sleep will be troubled by simply the light of it, but also the emotions it brings out of me. When it is a New Moon, I may find myself exhausted due to the effort of manifesting current goals without being able to see the effects of them yet.

So I have learnt to honour these moments. If I am feeling tired due to the Moon, I take it as a sign to rest more, and practice more intuitive work.

I may spend more time using Tarot/Oracle cards for reflection, and watching/reading spiritual material

  • Tip: Practice extreme self-care habits at the time of the Full/New Moon – use this time to pamper yourself. Take long salt baths, get a massage or your nails done. Spend as much time as you need alone, read a good book, walk in nature.




2. Energy Vampire Alert!


For far longer than I care to dwell on, I have found myself with many Energy Vampires in my midst.

An Energy Vampire is someone who leeches off your energy, in order to make themselves feel better.

It’s that ‘friend’ who talks to you for hours about herself, or that family member who offloads their day of  stress on to you.

It’s even that person who appears to just want to hear about you, but really is looking for gossip to feed themselves.

You will know these peeps by the way you feel at the thought of seeing/talking to them, or just after you have seen/ spoken to them.

You will simply feel tired.

So I limit my exposure to such people. Unless it is an emergency, I exercise my right to say no.

I exercise my right to honour the way I feel and act on that by staying away from those who drain me.

I feel harsh even writing this, but it has helped me no end.

I used to give so much to people who simply took.

When I actively stopped doing this, my energy and my time become my own.

  • Tip: Turn your phone off/put your phone on silent after a specified time in the evening (I do from 8pm). I simply do not reply/answer my phone after a certain time unless I want to.  In this way, I reclaim my evenings from those who wish to steal them, and teach the energy vampires that I am not available 24/7.



3. Overthinking


Is there a situation that has been on your mind, taking up space. Something that you cannot help but overanalyse again and again in those quiet moments when you should be sleeping, while you are sleeping, in those autopilot moments at work?

This could be taking all your energy without you even realizing it.

Overthinking is a massive culprit for me, I like to work things out and often feel compelled to.

Sometimes I will actually have a Eureka moment and then feel utterly drained. It was all the work I did trying to work a problem out.


  • Tip: Write down the problems you are wrestling with. Just getting it out of your head and on to a piece of paper can release some tension. Then work though each thing like to-do list, designating thinking time for each one.




This next point follows on from the one above, but is probably more specifically for those of us who are aware of receiving information from spirit/guides.

Occasionally I will receive a ‘download’ of information. Sometimes through a dream, or simply when I am not expecting it at all. I will just receive information about something.

Often it is something I have been pondering on for a while and all of a sudden I will understand it completely.

This can leave me feeling utterly knackered as unwittingly I have just channelled without being necessarily energetically prepared or protected.

  • Tip: Wear a grounding crystal in order to help keep your energy grounded at all times. My favourtites are here and here.



5. Winter Blues


Do you find that you are much more tired in the Winter than at any other time of year?

This is perfectly natural.

Look around you, notice how everything in nature kind of shuts down in the winter. Animals hibernate, plants lose their leaves.

  • Tip: Understand that if you don’t feel up to doing much, that is ok. Don’t beat yourself up for it, allow yourself extra times of rest.





I hope this little post has helped you to understand a little bit more, why you may feel prolonged periods of tiredness sometimes.

If you have anymore reasons or tips to add – feel free to write me a comment!

Much love Txx

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