The Funny Side of Life


The other day a friend of mine called me a Comedium (A Comedian and a Medium mixed into one!)

It was a word that fluttered through my mind repeatedly in the weeks after he said it.

Navigating life with a bit of humour can be one of the most challenging things to do when you are in the thick of a tricky time.

Conversely humour can sometimes be relied on too much in the face of adversity.

So how does one do funny?

How does one get any laughs when your everyday life is as mundane as?!



You can take funny selfies at work #funnylibrarian



You can laugh at your own profession, a profession that is often viewed as the epitome of dull.



You can watch funny movies, comedians etc.


You can laugh off the ridiculously things you do on a daily basis and forgive yourself of your foolishness with laughter.


I’m a tall girl with big hair, and I often bang my head or knock my knees throughout the day – today I am going to laugh each and every time. (As long as I haven’t seriously hurt myself, because at that point I would cry)


What are your experiences with funny? What things do you laugh about when you really feel to cry?


Funny can be simple – perhaps it’s best not to overthink those moments when you chuckle or fall apart with joy.

Much love Txx

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