When Things Don’t Go To Plan…


(Here is a picture for you, to welcome you into one of my favourite months of the year – #Spring)

So I am sitting here writing this from home, on a day when I should be in Wales visiting a dear friend of mine.

However, some of the worst snow that Britain has seen thwarted my plans, and the plans of many others.

Our heating at home broke down due to frozen pipes, and lets just say this was one of the worst weekends possible for that to happen.

But as I sit here on the second day of March looking at the snow outside my window, I welcome new life into the world, as my sister brings home her new born baby girl 🙂

I wonder now – maybe everything went perfectly to plan?

I am at home, with my family, looking after a new life.

How much more well planned could that be?

Much love always Txx

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