Wednesday Wisdom #68 – Going with the flow


(To the Sea – Wisdom of the Oracle Decky by Colette Baron Reid)

I am sure this card has come up for a Wednesday Wisdom post before, and I feel that it always comes up after a difficult period, or a time where we may be feeling a little stuck.

Last week’s message was asking us to shift our perspective in a time of chaos and conflict.

Today the message continues and we are asked to go with the new things that may have entered our lives, for good or for bad.

Becuase this is where we are supposed to be.

The figure in the card is going in the right direction, the arrow on her boat is pointing forwards.

Though you may feel in despair right now, this time is taking you to where you need to be.

Don’t drown in your emotions, you can look back – but don’t stay in the past.

Keep moving forward, even if it feels like you are barely drifting – go with the flow, and let The Divine gently take you to where you need to be.

Much love Txx

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