Crystal Focus – Rose Quartz



Rose Quartz is a stone all about calling in love, and increasing the levels of affection and peace that already surround you.

It is great for placing underneath your pillow at night, promoting a pleasant night of sleep.

It carries the qualities and essence of The Divine Feminine, and can be worn on the body to promote an attidude of unconditional love.

I find that Rose Quartz works as a healing stone for me when I am feeling hurt and tempted to shut down my heart.

All kinds of quartz and in particular Rose help me to keep my heart chakra open.

I keep a piece beside my bed in order to keep me balanced.

Personally I find wearing Rose Quartz on a daily basis leaves me slighty too open to the energies of others as it increases my compassion tenfold.

If you are someone who has a hard time seeing the points of views of others, who feels as though you may have taken on a bitter stance in life – Rose Quartz will help to soften you up and open your heart in a gentle yet profound way.

If you have been through a hard time and need to feel comforted, Rose Quartz is the stone for you.

Rose Quartz is also wonderful stone to promote peace and love in your romantic and platonic relationships.

If you are wanting to call in a romantic partner, working with Rose Quartz in meditation will help to make you ready for the love you seek.

As Love really is at the centre of all, I really believe no crystal collection is complete without Rose Quartz.

Inexpensive and very common to buy, this soft, gentle and nurturing stone will subtly uplift your spirits, when you need it the most.

Much love Txx


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