Imperfect Meditation

The other day I watched this great video by Amy Garner Soul Support:



She talks a little bit about perfection tendencies at the beginning of the video, and then uses the phrase ‘imperfect meditation’ when talking about her meditation practice.

I absolutely love this phrase!

As an avid meditater who does tend to sit on the floor lotus position, and feel annoyed with myself when I don’t, this video helped me to realise that postponing my practice because I’m not motivated to get in the ‘right’ sitting position is totally unnecessary!

Lately I have been called to sit on my bed in front of my spirituality table, and close my eyes, sometimes I pull cards, sometimes I don’t.



Just the act of sitting quietly, and checking in with myself for that day, is meditation in itself.

I don’t need to sit for 40 minutes on the floor.

I vow (will try) to sit in front of my sacred space, and close my eyes even if just for 5 minutes everyday, and grow my imperfect but so much more attainable, regular meditation practice.

Thanks Amy!

Much love Txx

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