A note about Tomorrow’s New Moon – Manifestation through Emotions



So over the last week I have felt extremely ‘all up in my feelings’ – which is kind of unusual for me.

On some days I have felt quite down – tears have fallen – out of the blue whilst being nostalgic or tired.

I thought I knew enough about myself by now to realise what was going on but… no.

It took watching a video that mentioned the upcoming Pieces New Moon to remind me that we were in Pisces season, home of the water sign, realm of emotion.

Being a Sagittarius myself (mixed with an Aquarius Moon and Rising), though I am regularly prone to over-doing and over-thinking, I am very rarely over-flowing with sad emotion.

But during this time, we are all going to be confronted with our deeper emotions in order to heal.

The energy around this New Moon is nurturing and soft. We are being asked to gently look at all we that we have shoved under the carpet of self-preservation, and deal with it.

This is not the time to harshly deal with things that are upsetting. This is about looking at things in the past with a sense of compassion, and forgiveness for yourself, and all of those involved.

Some astrologers are calling this time a period of detoxification.

It reminds me of the Six of Cups Tarot card – looking back over the past and seeing hurtful things in a slightly rosier glow.

Remembering the good things in that bad relationship for instance, whilst remaining grateful that you are no longer in it, that you learnt that lesson, that it is behind you.

Purging and releasing.

We are going to look at the past during this New Moon, in order to move forward and start manifesting the things we want in the future.

We can bless our past, and then leave the challenges back there.

The Six of Cups in Tarot is also a warning to not get stuck in the past, so it also is with this New Moon.




Blessings and love for those who feel this energy strongly (if you are a Pisces, Mutable or Cardinal sign you are sure to) The energies may have already started to affect you, and will last into our 2nd Full Moon of the month, coming up on the 31st.



Wishing you all good moments of happy release.

Much love Txx


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