Return of the Sun


(The Sun – back in business!)


We are officially into Spring here in the UK, and we welcome Aries Season, and the return of the Sun.

I spent the weekend in Cardiff, Wales – a place where I lived for a while, and where a special soul sister friend of mine still lives.

Yesterday was a beautifully warm, sunny day, and we spent a large portion of it in Bute Park taking in the rays.

Whilst walking through the park, something caught my eye that looked like a heart shape on a tree – I went to take a closer look and realised it was a number:


(Number 2313 on a tree)


As mentioned here, one of the predominant ways that Angelic guidance reaches me is through number patterns.

So I looked up the number above on my favourite Angel Number website and the message was clear.


“Angel Number 2313 encourages you to have faith in the future of our world and humanity as a whole. Your lightworking abilities and life mission are to be utilized for the good of all so keep a positive attitude about yourself, others and the world in order to manifest peace, love and harmony. Send blessings and positive energies to others and the environment and expect blessings in return. Have the courage to live your dreams.”


I thought I would share this message from the Angels with you today as we move forward at this astrological New Year.


Much love always Txx



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