A Note about Tomorrow’s Full Moon – Balance


The date of Easter Sunday in most cases (in the UK anyway) falls on the first Sunday, after the first Full Moon, after the Spring Equinox. (Unless this Full Moon falls on a Sunday, then Easter is to be celebrated the Sunday after) – This was decided by the Council of Nicaea in 325 CE

Some orthodox Christians, including Jehovah Witness, celebrate Easter on the Gregorian Calendar or Julian Calendar.

So as tomorrow is the second Full Moon of this Month – the first Full Moon after the March Equinox – Easter Sunday will fall the day after on April 1st.

This Moon is commonly known as a Blue Moon because it is the Second Full Moon of the month, as happened in January 2018 also. (Though this is usually quite rare)

This Moon is also arguably known as a Pink Moon because of it’s association with Easter, Passover, and simply the start of spring.

The picture above of my Rose Quartz Crystal on top of my blue furry blanket , symbolises the Blue and Pink aspect of this moon, the Yin and Yang (masculine and feminine) and the fact that this Full Moon falls in Libra, the astrological sign of balance.

So this is what this Full Moon is asking us to do, we are being asked to balance out aspects of ourselves that may have slowly veered off kilter.

I have felt this process in myself rather physically as I am incredibly sensitive to moon cycles. (Which is why I write these posts, as I know I am not the only one.)

I have been regularly receiving Shiatsu treatments since the first Full Moon in January, and had my latest session on Monday just gone.

I always feel the Full/New Moon’s energy about a week in advance, so it was no surprise to feel an acute difference in the left and right side of my body during the massage – a difference I had not felt in previous treatments.

I spoke with the lady who treats me and she confirmed that yes, she also felt a strong difference between both sides of my body. She explained that it was all about balance.

I intuitively knew that my body was balancing itself out to align with this Full Moon energy.

In what ways are you seeing situations in your life balance out?

Looking at your relationship with yourself and others may provide the most obvious answers, seeing as this is also what this Moon in Libra will bring forth for us.

The sign of Libra is all about partnership, balance of course, and in that way also Justice.

It is represented by the Major Arcana Tarot Card: Justice.


(Justice, Image from http://www.trustedTarot.com)

The image holds the Libra and universal sign of balance in the form of scales. It speaks of legal and karmic justice also.

At the time of this Full Moon we will be seeing things in our physical world shift, but there will also be shifts deep within the very fabric of our lives and past (also past lives), that may just present themselves in unease or unexplained lightness.

You may suddenly understand how to right a situation, or how best to resolve a conflict for the benefit of all involved.

This is a powerful Full Moon for ourselves and how we show up in this world and interact with others.

The fact that it falls on Easter Weekend emphasises the transformative quality.

For those that believe in Jesus, this is the time in which he died and was reborn.

We see this simply echoed in springtime and the return of blossoming life.

Honour this Full Moon in any way you see fit – I will be laying out my Crystals in clear salt water tonight, down in my Garden to soak up the energy.

Lots of love always Txx

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