A Recharging Bath


During this time of balance I have a little recipe for you – a recipe for the most rejuvenating bath you will have ever had!

We talked about a healing bath before – now prepare to be recharged!

What you will need:

  • A shower or a bath with some time to yourself with which to fully relax (about an hour would be amazing if you can manage it. If not take what time you can, anything upwards of 20 minutes will be fab)
  • Crystals of your choice – I use ALL of mine, Labradorite, Rose Quartz, Black Obsidian, Clear Quartz, Selenite and Turquonite. I dot these all around my bath – Hanging off taps, in the bath with me (check your crystals will not be damaged by water first), on the ledge around the bath.
  • Epsom salts – 1-2 handfuls dissolved in the water/or rub some on your body if you are using a shower.
  • Clove essential oil – 1-2 drops in the water or simply in the tub if you are showering. I love the spicy, passionate scent of this particular oil. It is vibrant and perfect for recharging.
  • Flower Petals – the colour Pink or any colour that calls to you. Float them in the bath water, or layer the shower floor with them.
  • Candles – dotted all around your bathroom (Be mindful of safety!)

Soak in the tub, or let the water run over you.

Visualise yourself refreshed and recharged – what does that look like in your mind’s eye?

Say out loud or within:

“I am reborn”


Much love Txx

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