Wednesday Wisdom #72 – The Step Before Surrender

Birth-Rebirth, The Dog and The Swan – Wisdom of Avalon Deck by Colette Baron Reid)

There are so many things we find it hard to surrender to, the flow of life, the actions of others, the helpless situations we may find ourselves in.

Life can feel like a river full of sharp bends and strong currents threatening to take us down at every turn.

Staying afloat can feel like the hardest thing to manage.

Sometimes the river feels stagnant.

Occasionally we feel stuck, as though things are not flowing and we have no idea how to keep moving.

This week I was called to pull three cards for the message and I did so using the Colette Baron Reid online app. (I love it!)

The first card is reminding us of how painful it is to be reborn. Just like a baby who has spent nine months cocooned in a warm and snug womb, entering the world afresh can be a distressing experience (why do you think they cry so much?!)

Just like giving birth to a child, birthing your dreams, hopes and desires can also be a painful and distressing experience, so we are reminded this week not to lose heart if we are finding things tough at the moment.

We are in Aries season a time of ambitious and powerful manifestation, which is in its most potent phrase now, as we lead up to the New Moon on April 16th.

This means you may be feeling tired, drained and frustrated as you work towards manifesting things in your life, whether you are conscious of doing this or not – every moment we are creating our reality.

The next card reminds us of the need to surround ourselves with loyal and loving people who want the best for us, and who are here to support us without condition.

It is only through this combination of patience, compassion for ourselves, and others – that we will allow ourselves to be completely transformed, (like The Swan) in total surrender to the paths that lie ahead of us.


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Much love always Txx

P.S: The next couple of posts will be focusing on co-creation and manifestation.

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