Manifestation: What is it and how can we do it? (Part One)


(The Magician, Vice Versa Tarot by Massimiliano Filadoro and Davide Corsi)

‘Manifestation’ has become somewhat of a buzzword lately.

Years ago it was only really on the radar of those interested in self-development books like The Secret.

It has now become a much more mainstream idea – that you can create vision boards, chant affirmations or meditate on your goals in order to help manifest your desires into reality.

Though I am one of those people who has been into self-help books for many years, I came to my current understanding of what manifestation is through the use of Tarot.

During Christmas 2017 I went away for a meditation retreat.

I got talking to one of the other participants, a doctor, who was interested in the fact that I read the Tarot.

He asked if there were any ways in which I had seen changes in my life since reading, and it suddenly dawned on me that yes, I had.

I realised that through the regular use of the cards as a tool for self-reflection, as well as becoming more in tune with moon cycles, I had begun to actually manifest my long held desires into reality.

Tarot and oracle cards for deep reflection.

For me, The Tarot and Oracle cards are tools for inner spiritual work, and ultimately for healing and guidance.

Though the cards can ‘predict’ what will happen in the future, that forecast is only based on what is happening for a person in the now.

I focus on guidance and advice when I read, because I am very clear on the fact that we create our own futures and have the free will to change course at any time.

With all this in mind, like I do for my Wednesday Wisdom posts, pulling at random – even one card – will bring a message to you about what is going on in your life at the moment.

It will bring into the outer world that which you are trying to hide from yourself.

In this way you instantly see a kind of manifestation take place.

This was instrumental in helping me to understand that most of the time we are manifesting the things we don’t want.

Because most of us are unaware of what is truly going on with us, we create things into our reality based on that confusion.

Manifestation is energy being transformed from you into the outside world.

If your energy is confused, if your energy is expecting the worst, if your energy feels unworthy – this is what will come out into the world.

In this way getting a Tarot reading uncovers just where your energy is at.

Once you have this initial awareness you can start working to change what is going on inside of you, and start to really manifest what it is you want into the outside world.

Checking in with yourself in this way regularly will really help you to align your manifestations with what you actually want.

Moon Cycles for entering into the flow

Working with astrology, and more specifically the time of the Full Moon, and the New Moon, has been instrumental in helping me to understand that participating in the flow of life is super important when it comes to manifesting.

You have to know when to let things germinate, and when to push forward.

In simple terms the New Moon is a time for planting seeds and the Full Moon is a time to reap them.

Though these times are much more fluid as all month is a process of planting, reaping and waiting.

The New Moon is also a time of being in the dark, versus the Full Moon in which the sky is completely illuminated.

This then means that as you are setting intentions at the New Moon, you have to also understand that you may not see any results until the Moon turns full.

Now this is a buildable process that is built up by consciously using the moon in this way, month after month, and year after year.

The Eclipses are even more powerful, and working with them can often lead to significant and sudden breakthroughs.

What really happens when you work with the moon is that you begin to enter into the rhythm of your own life. Though this can seemingly be an easier process for women to enter into (due to our menstrual cycles) men can do this also, every single thing on our planet is in tune with the moon – you just have to notice it.

Next post will be all about the concept of Co-Creation, and how it is instrumental when it comes to manifestation.

Much love Txx

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