Manifestation – What It Is and How To Do It: Co-Creation (Part Two)


(Co-Create, Wisdom of the Oracle Deck by Colette Baron Reid)


It was Colette Baron Reid’s oracle cards, that introduced me to the idea of Co-Creation. It seems so obvious when explained, but giving the concept an actual label to work with has proved invaluable in helping me to understand manifestation.

Though we can want with all our hearts for something we desire, though we can visualise it for hours on end, and create beautiful vision boards to match, unless we take physical steps in some way towards it – it will not happen.

The guidebook explanation for the above card is as follows:

The Oracle’s Message: “You may not consider yourself a creative person, but in fact you are creating your reality every moment of  every day via your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, intentions, and actions. Yet you must consider that you do so in partnership with Spirit, Consciousness, God, or whatever name you call your Higher Power. You are a spark of this Intelligence that works through you, nudging you with inspired thought and intuitive guidance. You are a paintbrush that co-creates a beautiful, unique expression of your own individuality blended with universal Spirit. You are a product of Divine inspiration, and now you are aligned with it to create miracles. When you view your life as art, and know you co-create it, only beauty and grace result. Prepare to be amazed.”

The combination of really believing in something, working towards it, and allowing space for the Divine to help you – is the key to manifestation.

But what about if you have no real idea about what you want, but simply know that what you have/where you are is not it?

Well that means you have to start where you are.

Identify what is not working first and foremost, and spend some time in deep reflection focusing on your hidden and true desires.

Resolve to change anything that is keeping you stuck, one shift at a time.

You may require the help of a healer, a Tarot reader like me, or someone who specialises in energy work such as Reiki. You may need the help of a medical professional or counsellor.

What if you don’t believe in a Higher Power, and so do not trust that there is anything that will step in, and help you?

Believe in yourself.

Believe that you are worthy of living the rest of your days on this earth feeling fulfilled on some level, and work on creating your own miracles.


To summarise:

Manifesting for your highest good really does require a lot of inner and outer work.

Our inner desires have to be matched to our outer input in order for us to see the results that are truly going to work for us.

There are no real shortcuts.

Sure, once you have reached a state of full authenticity you may find the manifesting process a whole lot easier.

But really that is a difficult state to sustain. Things change, you change and life is a constant process of going with the flow.

So we co-create and manifest throughout our whole lives, it is quite simply what makes our lives.

How are you going to start manifesting the things you want?

I hope this post has helped.


Much love always Txx


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