Wednesday Wisdom #73 – Coming Together


(Soul Mates, Wisdom of the Oracle Deck by Colette Baron Reid)

Last week was a tough one for me.

I had the distinct feeling that I could not help people. That everyone around me was struggling with various things, and that I was powerless to actually make a difference.

I felt overburdened with the woes of others, even strangers that I sat next to on public transport.

Those that know me very well know that strangers speak to me often.

People I do not know tell me their problems.

I also pick up on the emotions of others without any words needing to be spoken.

Sometimes I find this incredibly overwhelming, and last week I just felt on the brink of collapsing under the weight of humanity’s problems.

It made me want to hide from people.

I yearned for more time to myself, and found it hard to talk too deeply to anyone as I seemed to hone in on what was troubling them. Even if they did not tell me.

Did any of you feel this way last week? Like you simply did not want to speak?

Astrologically we are going through some heavy transits; we are in Mercury Retrograde, have just come off the back of a powerful Full Moon that forcibly realigned us, and Chiron entering Aries on April 18th is asking us to look back over deep wounds from our past.

Mercury is the planet that rules communication and is the planet that rules The Magician Tarot card, which for me is all about manifestation in the same way that The New Moon coming up on Sunday is.

Mercury when retrograde can cause problems and delays with communication (amongst other things). It goes direct on April 15, the same date as the New Moon.

This means that we are in the days leading up to Mercury stationing, and then going direct, a very potent time for those of us who feel these energies strongly.

We may feel communication problems at their most acute.

Last week I felt this energy so strongly.

I literally felt my communication skills abruptly stop during a family gathering.

I could not find the words to speak to people.

Though it is true that I am often the one that others talk to, I rarely find myself at a loss for words.

So this week, this card is asking us to make what may feel like an extra effort to come together with the people we love, and share our problems.

Phone up that person you know has been struggling, and don’t just listen to what is going on with them – share what has been going on with you too.

I am absolutely awful at doing this.

I can listen to others until the cows come home but find it so so so hard to talk about myself and how I am feeling.

However what I am coming to realise is that it is only through sharing our vulnerabilities with those we trust, that we will be able to truly find the intimate connections that we all wish for.

If you are blessed to feel like you have soul mates in your life, these people have entered into your world in order to show you how to do just that, how to open up, how to open your hearts.

I remember after my last romantic relationship ended, I asked the Universe for a Soul Mate, someone who has my back in a way that today I find hard to articulate.

A soul mate does not necessarily mean a romantic connection, (although of course yes they can be – somehow it is more than that.) it is a loving connection with someone who you feel matches you on a soul level.

This week I want you to talk to that person in anyway you can, even if only in writing and let them know how you are feeling, ask them how they are feeling , and hold space for each other.

Know that by coming together we can get through any storm.

Much love always Txx

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom #73 – Coming Together

  1. Great encouragement! I had a situation today where I felt the helplessness you described as someone poured out their heart to me. I find the more I open to nurturing myself and sitting with my own vulnerability, the more able I am to be with another in pain, instead of trying to fix it.

    1. Yes this makes so much sense. It is painful to just sit with undesirable feelings, I tend to avoid doing that without even realising I am avoiding. I keep myself super busy I think as an act of avoidance…oh much to think about! Thanks for your comment.

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