A Note About Tomorrow’s New Moon – Escape







The astrological energies have been tough the last few weeks to say the least, and many of us would have been feeling this without perhaps fully understanding why.

I talk about it a little in this recent post.

This month’s New Moon takes place on the 16th of April here in the UK, and is in the sign of Aries.

This Moon, in many ways, is going to be a kind of crescendo for the intensity we have been experiencing.

As I sat down to write this post, I heard the word Escape, because that is what we are being urged to do.

The Major Arcana Tarot card for Aries is The Emperor, a card of great power and leadership. Sometimes I also read this card as quite controlling and constricting, kind of like your father who won’t let you stay out past midnight.

But hey, you are not 16 anymore! (most of you reading this anyway)

So what I want us all to do, and what spirit is urging me to impart, is that this is not a time to give in to restrictive energy that we may be feeling.

This is a time to break free and escape these oppressive energies by doing something fun, and light. Spend time walking in nature, read a good book or simply have a nice long bath.

If there is ever a time to lay low it would be at this New Moon.

This is quite a different message to what I would usually give out at New Moon time, but for this month at least, we are being called to be a little bit less proactive in our manifesting at this time.

Whilst the sky is dark, we are being urged to go ‘undercover’ so to speak and finish up any loose ends from the month so far.

It is a time of admin, and paperwork and all that boring stuff that we try not to do to often.

Then it is a time of quiet satisfaction, and simple celebration after we have achieved this tidying.


What does the word Escape bring up for you?

Are there things that you have lately been trying to escape?

Have you been seeking out unhealthy ways to escape perhaps with alcohol and food?

We are being urged to honour that need within us at this time, by seeking out healthier ways to indulge – take a yoga class, do some baking instead of buying processed cakes.

Yes you may feel like you need to get away, so go and spend some time with trusted friends, talk to someone on the phone, unplug and watch Netflix.


This New Moon, this month is about doing the absolute opposite of what it’s sign calls for.

Aries is all about being dynamic and ambitious, though this energy will continue past this New Moon, we are being urged to not get carried away with it, in fact to sit back and ride this one out.

Much love always Txx

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