Wednesday Wisdom #74 – Focus on Yourself


(Mending, Wisdom of the Oracle Deck, by Colette Baron Reid)


Yes there are two beings on this card, but I intuitively feel these are two aspects of ourselves this week.

Though there may be relationships with others that you need to work on mending this week, whether through forgiveness or an actual conversation – this post will focus on the mending of ourselves.

As I write this, I am feeling utterly exhausted. It has been a busy month for me, at work, spiritually and socially.

I am feeling a little bit like my body is breaking down with allergies, losing my voice, and general tiredness, aches and pains.

So before it hits me, and I burn out completely, I am taking some time to mend.

Thankfully for me, my work week ends today and I will be able to spend a couple of days resting up.

For those of you who are feeling this same way, and are unable to get a good amount of time to rest. I have a few tips for you:


Embrace auto-pilot

One of my sisters is a new mum, and I shared a little secret with her, one that she already knew and that I am sure all of us know on some level.

Sometimes it is completely necessary and acceptable to run on auto-pilot a little.

Shut down any unnecessary tasks and just do what your routine dictates.

Forget about all those little ‘extras’ that require more energy than we think.

Buy breakfast rather than make it, talk less rather than worrying about being polite. The smallest of changes can conserve more energy than you might imagine.



Be Secretive


Occasionally I enjoy going out and doing something that nobody else knows I am doing.

So I may pop to my local shopping centre, or to an event, or simply a walk, and when someone asks where I am off to I reply:

“It’s a secret”

This is because energy follows us.

When you really need some time to yourself, and it is hard to actually get it – something as simple as not filling others into your regular activities will gain you energetic space.

Trust me it works – try it.



Get some fresh air


 A little bit of fresh air everyday does wonders for the soul.

If you are feeling a little bit ‘meh’ – make sure you keep a window open in your office, take a short walk outside at lunch, or even get off public transport a stop or two earlier and walk home.



As mentioned in this post. This week is all about escaping a little in healthy ways. This will help us to maintain a healthy level of stability as we move about in a world that can sometimes feel wholly unstable.



Much love always Txx








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