Healing Hands


I was recently told that I have healing power in my hands.

It resonated with me because my hands are often noticed and commented on.

I know that I use my hands in a very expressive way, and often when I am talking, I notice that people follow my hands a lot.

One thing I used to do for my ex-boyfriend when we were together, was to take his hands in mine and pray for him when he was feeling down, and I occasionally do this for my mum too.

So today is a little post about my hands, and how I often do use them in blog post pictures too.

This post is about our hands and physical touch, about the importance of touching someone and being touched often.

We know about the healing power of massage, and now increasingly the healing power of more energetic work like Reiki.

Do we know how much healing power each one of us holds in our own hands?

For me, part of the magic and power that comes with reading Tarot, is in the laying out of the cards with my hands.

Do you feel like you hold healing energy within your own fingers?

Much love Txx

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