Wednesday Wisdom #75 – Decision Time

(Fork in the Road, Wisdom of the Oracle Deck by Colette Baron Reid.)

I don’t think we have ever received this card for a Wednesday Wisdom before, so I was quite excited when it came out.

Fork in the Road is about making a decision.

It’s about being faced with the chance to move forward with something or to back track.

This could be romance, a new project or anything where there is a metaphorical crossroads.

Really there is no wrong turn, each path is lit up with sunlight, and promises good things in their own way.

The challenge really is to understand that each way forward is equally going to bring you where you are supposed to be.

The challenge is in understanding that you can’t really make a ‘wrong’ decision as all will eventually work out for your highest good.

There are a number of animals in this picture, each symbolic in meaning.

The horned animal in the centre, a deer, or a stag is about gently intuiting which direction to take.

The Owl sitting on top this beast, reminds us to employ deep soul wisdom when making this choice.

The Monkey on the actual fork (!) wants us to remain light-hearted and not get bogged down by the weight of a decision that will hold consequences.

If you are facing a decision (or three) What path makes you joyous inside?

Much love Txx

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