Addicted to Busy


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Disclaimer: I have written and re-written this little post an inordinate amount, mostly because I hold a lot of resistance to not being busy.

Writing this post made me VERY uncomfortable and actually was accompanied by a slight feeling of panic too.

I know this is because as a culture and society, here in the UK and in many other places across the world, this desire to be busy is often equated with the idea of being successful.

To allow myself to not be occupied on my days off with friends in social activity – feels like a massive risk for me.

What will I do with all my free time?

Won’t I feel lonely?

Won’t people think I have no friends if I am not going out?!

As a person undergoing a spiritual awakening, and leaning more on my intuitive abilities, you would think that I would find it easy to stay at home and be all reflective – I don’t!

I suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) as much as the next person.

Though I crave a lot of alone time, I always feel bad and ‘odd’ somehow if  I turn down opportunities to do something ‘fun’.

Fun for me is being on my own with no plans to leave the house, drinking tea and reading a book.

Fun for me is going to my favourite park and spending some time with the animals there.

Fun for me is occasionally sitting in someone else’s house and drinking tea.

So with that said here is the actual post:



(Yes I know the disclaimer and the post are the same size 🙂 )



I constantly don’t feel like I have as much alone time as I would like – by the middle of March I had already planned every single weekend until May!

Over-socialising is something I struggle with, especially when living in London. I have a very big and extended family,  and thankfully wonderful friends all around the UK that I try to see on the regular.

Yet my constant full schedule is beginning to make me feel a little anxious.

I spoke to a friend some months ago about how this year, I was going to try and make my schedule a little bit looser. Fly by the seat of my pants so to speak.

When this same friend asked me to do something last minute on the off chance I was free, I was fully booked!

So this month of May I am going to work on resetting myself.

It is not so much about not going out, as it is about not planning to go out. I want to be free on the weekend, and if I feel like stepping out, being able to without the constraints of an advance plan.

I want to be able to say yes to a bit of spontaneity from time to time, or to say no without feeling like I am letting someone down.

 I am hoping that by pretty much completely clearing my social schedule for a month I will be able to feel into how much socialising I truly do want to do. How much planning is really necessary.

So with this blog post, I declare May to be a month where the only thing I have planned is plenty of time for myself to do exactly what I want to do, when I want to do it.


Much love Txx

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